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'After doomsday, I am still alive...'

(People's Daily Online)

15:22, December 24, 2012


Edited and translated by Huang Jin, People's Daily Online

Doomsday didn't come finally and Dec. 21, 2012 became an ordinary day in life. However, many netizens regarded it as a day of "positive energy", as they learned to re-examine the life after passing through ups and down in 24 hours.

"15:05, Shanghai, I am still alive, because the stocks haven't risen!" "19:00, Beijing, I am still alive, because I haven't received my salary!""0:30, earth, I am still alive, because I haven't been in love!" As of the night of Dec. 21, "time + venue + I am still alive + reasons" became the most popular sentential form on Sina microblog. Netizen used the "I am still alive" forms to express their happiness and wishes. The number of the increasing relative microblogs had passed 100,000 till the morning of Dec. 22.

Normally most people went to work on the"doomsday". However, rushing back home became their priority after work. "Hoping not to be blocked on the way back home, I will celebrate this Winter Solstice with my parents by eating dumplings!" The number of microblogs entries that bid farewell to the "doomsday" increased over 11,630,000 within one day. Accompanying family became the "positive energy" to start the life after the "doomsday".

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