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Chanel China refutes claims perfume products unsafe

(Shanghai Daily)

08:32, November 08, 2012

CHANEL China said yesterday its products are safe for use after one of its best-selling perfumes came under fire for containing a substance that may cause an allergic reaction, triggering a suggested sales ban from the European-based Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety.

A scientific review by the committee has identified about 100 ingredients that could cause allergic reactions and recommended some be limited while others, such as tree mosses used in the famous Chanel N 5 perfume, be banned outright, AFP reported.

The European Commission said it has no current plans to ban or impose limits on perfumes or cosmetics found to cause an allergic reaction, but is nevertheless consulting the industry and consumer groups.

The question is whether to add those ingredients identified by the scientific committee to the 26 that current EU legislation requires to be listed on the products they are used in, AFP reported. Many fear it would lead to a panic in the perfume industry.

The Chinese branch of the French fashion giant said Chanel products are safe and their production process meets industry regulations.

"Some natural products also contain these substances, which may lead to a reaction in some people with an allergic constitution," it said in a statement.

A 100ml bottle of Chanel N 5 is priced at 1,520 yuan (US$245) and a Chanel salesperson at Westgate Mall Isetan in Jing'an District said it is the best-selling product at the counter.

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