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Avon warned by FDA for misleading advertisement

(People's Daily Online)

15:12, October 24, 2012

Avon recently received a warning for suspected exaggeration in advertising its products from U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as it releases its flagship skincare brand "Anew" of the season. Some of products sold in China are involved too. When a reporter called, Avon China replied by saying, "Our introduction and publicity for product efficacy in China's market completely comply with the provisions of relevant advertisement laws and regulations. All of Avon's products meet the strictest international safety standards."

Avon is blamed for misleading words on packages

According to the warning letter showed on FDA's website, when FDA investigated Avon's official website in August, it found that Avon's publicity of the anti-wrinkle efficacy of such products as anti-wrinkle repair cream, night cream, radiant serum, skin-pulling scream and chest toning gel may mislead consumers to use more products.

In the warning letter, Avon misleadingly writes on the package of its anti-wrinkle cream that the product is composed of new collagens that can repair injured skin tissues, and marked the words of "skin tightening". Unexpectedly, Avon claimed there were collagens that can rebuild skin within 48 hours in its anti-wrinkle injection products. It was reported that Avon’s exaggeration in advertisement was likely to violate against Federal Pharmacopoeia Act, because anti-wrinkle products are classified into drugs in accordance with Federal Pharmacopoeia Act, and excessive usage may cause dysfunction of human bodies.

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