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Stephen Chow's role as political adviser sees rocky start


10:34, January 26, 2013

Stephen Chow, the Hong Kong comedian, film director and a political adviser to Guangdong province, is surrounded by reporters in the provincial capital, Guangzhou, on Friday. [Photo by Lin Guiyan / for China Daily]

Stephen Chow was in Beijing on Thursday to promote his new film, Journey to the West.

However, the popular Hong Kong actor and director's new role as a political adviser is not proving easy, as some advisers have criticized him for not fully exercising it.

After being absent for the first two days of the annual session of the Guangdong committee of China's political advisory body, Chow showed up on Friday morning in Guangzhou, the provincial capital.

"I'm very sorry. I did not attend the conference for the first two days because of my film's tight schedule. But I'm very honored to become part of the political advisory body," Chow said.

Chow arrived at the city's conference hall about 9:40 am, more than half an hour after the opening of the Guangdong annual legislature session.

Chow's assistant told reporters that they began the car trip from Hong Kong at 6 am.

"We arrived in Guangzhou before 9 am. But the driver did not know how to get to the hall and we were delayed by the traffic jam," he said.

Surrounded by dozens of reporters at the downtown Baiyun International Conference Hall, Chow blamed his late arrival on the heavy traffic.

"I came here to learn," Chow said. "I will try my best to perform my new role well."

Chow is not the first celebrity from Hong Kong to be appointed a political adviser in Guangdong because the cultural and artistic cooperation between the special administrative region and the mainland has been greatly boosted in recent years.

Eric Tsang, a Hong Kong actor, film director and television host, is also a member of the Guangzhou political consultative conference.

In a proposal to the annual session of the Guangzhou political advisory body, which ended on Tuesday, Tsang said a Hollywood-style movie center should be developed in the city's southernmost Nansha district, which faces Hong Kong across the sea.

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