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Labor contract law needs to be amended

By Chen Xin (China Daily)

08:18, March 14, 2012

The Labor Contract Law should be amended to better regulate labor outsourcing, a practice that is overused and leads to inequality in the workplace, legislators said.

Under the law, which came into effect in 2008, employment agencies can be established to provide companies with workers for temporary, subsidiary and substitute positions.

These workers should receive the same pay as employees doing the same jobs for the same employers, it says.

Outsourced workers do not sign labor contracts with the companies they work for but with employment agencies. The agency pays the workers' wages while they charge employers commission and management fees.

"It's very common that outsourced workers do not receive the same pay or enjoy the same benefits as employees in the same posts in the companies. Labor outsourcing has been greatly overused in China," said Wang Ronghua, a deputy to the National People's Congress.

A report released last year by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, the nation's top trade union organization, said there were more than 60 million outsourced workers in the country, accounting for almost 20 percent of the total urban workforce.

In other countries, labor outsourcing usually accounts for 2 to 3 percent of the total urban workforce, Wang Zhenlin, a senior official with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, was quoted as saying by the Economic Observer.

State-owned enterprises and government-affiliated public institutions and industries such as petrochemicals, telecommunications, finance and banking were the major employers of outsourced workers, according to the trade union report.

Zhou Yue (not her real name) works for a construction design firm affiliated to a State-owned company in Beijing.

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Canada at 2012-03-1470.36.49.*
Yes, and the employment agencies should get their fees from the employer as the employer is outsourcing their hiring, it shouldn"t be deducted from employees wages. Perhaps the union could implement a hiring hall with sections for each industry or each type of job - each person registered pays union dues that covers the administration cost. Seniority lists could be created based on date they become union members. When an employer calls, the most senior unemployed members on the seniority list capable of doing the work are dispatched to the job site.
sunny at 2012-03-14218.25.204.*
Indeed, it"s a common phenomenon. Especially sanitation workers. In our city, a temporary sanitation wroker(Linshigong) only earn about 1000 yuan every month. but a office sanitation(zaijigong) can get about 3000 yuan every month.But the the temporary workers must do the best tired work. Ther usually haven"t get a normal meal. And they usually work above legal working hours, but the subsidy is very little. So it"s necessary to lay down a law to raise their wages,and give them a fair treatment.

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