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Wen sets out agenda

By Zhu Zhe (China Daily)

08:07, March 15, 2012

Premier Wen Jiabao arrives for a news conference on Wednesday at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. (Wu Zhiyi / China Daily)

Premier highlights the challenges and opportunities at final NPC news conference

Premier Wen Jiabao, at his final National People's Congress (NPC) news conference on Wednesday, called for reforms and set a path of both opportunity and challenge for his successor.

The Fifth Session of the 11th NPC closed on Wednesday. At the session, the NPC adopted a number of important documents, including the government work report, the central budget and the national economic and social development plan for 2012, as well as the amendment to the Criminal Procedure Law.

It also adopted decisions on deputy election for the 12th NPC and methods for the election of deputies to the 12th NPC from Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions as well as the work reports of the NPC Standing Committee, the Supreme People's Court and the Supreme People's Procuratorate.

Addressing a range of issues, Wen said that currency reform will remain on the agenda, housing prices will be reined in and debts racked up by local governments will be dealt with. He also said that private capital would be allowed in the financial sector, and political reform would be pushed forward.

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PD User at 2012-03-1770.36.49.*
Yes, Gorbachev was so busy trying to appease and please the West he destroyed his country. Reducing income disparities and a more egalitarian society are the socialist way. Mature revolutionary fervor is the glue that holds it together.
helen at 2012-03-16175.136.85.*
Many leaders all over the world find it extremely difficult to relinquish power when their time comes. It is important that leaders who are about to leave the scene should not rock the boat nor jeopardise the country and try to remain in power under various pretexts.
ASEAN at 2012-03-16220.255.1.*
Everything must goes with the time. China has done with the economic reform more than 30 years ago but this comes with a great cost to the environment. It is also good to have political reform provided that it is done in stages and China must never allow some elements to create chaos during the transformation as happen in some countries. No one is above the law and everyone must follow the law during this transformation.
V.M.Mohanraj at 2012-03-1566.189.210.*
Wen Jiabao"s call for political reform is welcome, provided necessary precautions are taken that it does not go the Gorbachevian way, giving the go by to socialism. While allowing private capital into the financial sector, the commanding heights of the public sector should be maintained, lest the country goes Manmohan Singh way. So reforms have to be carried out cautiously lest the country slips into capitalism that is euphemistically called "market economy" today. "There are markets under socialism as well. Planning and marketing are both economic means," said Deng. But there has to be mechanisms to regulate the market, that is to restrain the spontaneity and blindness of the market. However, what is immediately required is, as Wen points out, to address the problem of income disparities, which is a clicking time bomb that may blow up the socialist base. V.M.Mohanraj, India.
Canada at 2012-03-1570.36.49.*
Genuine communists never pursue personal gain.

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