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CPC Constitution enshrines Scientific Outlook on Development as part of action guide

By Cheng Yunjie, Cui Qingxin and Meng Na (Xinhua)

17:18, November 14, 2012

BEIJING, Nov. 14 (Xinhua) -- The Communist Party of China (CPC) amended its Constitution on Wednesday to enshrine the Scientific Outlook on Development as the part of its guide for action.

Unanimously agreed by delegates to the 18th CPC National Congress, the amendment juxtaposes the Scientific Outlook on Development along with Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of Three Represents, according to a resolution passed by the Party congress.

Hu Angang, a professor with the Tsinghua University and a delegate to the congress, said, "The amendment has pinpointed the historical position of the Scientific Outlook on Development, and enriched the connotation of the Party's action guide to reflect the governing philosophy of Chinese leaders of several generations."

A fundamental law of the CPC, the Constitution enjoys the highest authority within the Party and has supreme binding power to all Party members.

According to the amendment, the Scientific Outlook on Development is a long-term guiding ideology the Party must adhere to.

Despite the double-digit annual growth rate for about three decades, the Chinese economy is now strained by a shortage of energy and resources, the wealth gap, inequitable income distribution, corruption and environmental woes.

Facilitating economic expansion but failing to cure social ills is a prevalent concern of the public.

Massive protests in Sichuan, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces over environmental disputes this year have revealed the brutal truth that the Scientific Outlook on Development has not been seriously considered, let alone well implemented.

By elevating the Outlook into part of the action guide, analysts said, the world's largest Party will be able to cement consensus among its 82 million members.

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