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Han Geng wins at MTV Europe awards

(CRI Online)

16:40, November 13, 2012

Han Geng (File Photo)

Chinese singer Han Geng has won the Best Worldwide Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Frankfurt.

K-pop sensation Psy has wowed the crowd at the event, performing his hit "Gangnam Style", which won Best Video.

Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber were the big winners on the night, each scooping 3 prizes.

American country singer Swift, who left the Country Music Association Awards empty-handed less than two weeks ago, picked up honors for Best Female, Best Live and Best Look.

Canadian teen heartthrob Bieber claimed Best Male, for the second year in a row, as well as Best Pop and Best World Stage.

Fellow Canadian Carly Rae Jepsen has taken home 2 awards for Best Push, which recognizes up-and-coming talent, and Best Song for "Call Me Maybe".

The night has also seen the late Whitney Houston honored with a Global Icon award.

A record 184 million votes were cast online to choose this year's winners.




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