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Socialism with Chinese characteristics, a banner guiding China's modernization

(People's Daily Online)

12:05, November 11, 2012

China began the transformation of modernization when its original process of historical development was interrupted by outside force. Through trials and errors of generations of people, China finally ended the feudal monarchy lasted for more than 2,000 years and established new socialist China. Its process of modernization has come to the major turning point. The newly-obtained accelerated speed pushed China to become the world's second largest economy in just decades, creating a miracle in China.

However, the road of China's modernization is quite different from that of the Western countries, which confused the international observers who are used to thinking in the model of Western modernization. In fact, if they turn their attention to the actual conditions of China with 1.3 billion people, to the great practice of China's Reform and Opening up and to the 90 years of history of the Communist Party of China, they are bound to find the secret to guide China to move toward modernization.

In long-term practice, Chinese people have explored their own path, formed their own theoretical system and established their own national system. They are the achievements of the Party and the people after more than 90 years of struggles and accumulation, printed with socialism with Chinese characteristics, which guided China's modernization to maintain the correct direction in the face of coexistence of opportunities, challenges, dangers and tests.

A banner stands for direction and power. The root cause that hundreds of millions of Chinese people are willing to throw themselves into the great practice of construction of modernization and have created remarkable achievements is that it is where their interests and well-being lie. Especially in the past 10 years, the income of urban and rural residents rose at a speed rarely seen in history; the comprehensively free compulsory education became true; the social security system benefiting all the people has basically been established; the construction of affordable housing has begun in large scale and the people's livelihood has also been improved significantly. Just because of these visible and tangible achievements, Chinese people strengthened their belief to walk the road of socialism suitable for China's development.

The road may not be smooth and various tests will certainly be experienced before realizing comprehensive modernization and national rejuvenation. As long as upholding the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, adhering to the road of scientific development and taking the realization of the fundamental interests and welfare of the people as starting point and objective, China will usher in a beautiful tomorrow.

Read the Chinese version: Read the Chinese version: 指引现代化的“中国旗帜”; Source: People's Daily; Author: Chen Jiaxin ;

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