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Historic leap on Chinese road (Part II)

(People's Daily Online)

08:33, November 09, 2012

Historic leap on Chinese road (Part I) 转变,中国道路的历史性跨越(上)

China has reached such a great level of development that it is now faced with the consequent responsibilities.

To the leaders of this largest developing country, such responsibilities in fact first lie in leading the 1.3 billion people on the land, which account for one fifth of the world's population, to modernization and in continuing to conform to their expectations.

In the country where even the people going back home for the Spring Festival can cause "the largest migration in the world", any minor policy adjustments will influence a huge crowd. However, we have built in this decade the world's largest social security network, comprehensively established rural old-age insurance system and urban employees' pension system, and basically realized universal health care; the number of rural people lifted out of poverty equals the population of France; 110 million more people, similar size to a populous country, got jobs.

Examined with picky and harsh eyes, there are certainly uneven, unreasonable or unfair phenomena; however, taken into consideration of the modernization progress through the entire decade with 1.3 billion as the base number, we should feel more gratification and confidence.

"Bringing happiness to the people" is indeed the essence of the exploration during the ten years since the 16th National Congress of the Party as well as the intrinsic requirement of the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Chinese President Hu Jintao's important inference clearly reflects the profound grasp of the development ethics by a Marxist party. "Righteous Growth" is not only an important proposition of human society, but also the underlying meaning of socialism. The nature of socialism cannot be fully reflected other than on the basis of ensuring that it is built and enjoyed by all people.

During the magnificent scale of practices throughout this decade, "the interests of the people" not only include material wealth goals but also more requirements of fairness and justice; "serve the people" not only means letting the people share the results but also signifies letting the people govern the country. This demonstrates the consistency of the people-originated nature of our party over 90 years since its birth and the historical spanning of its people-serving faith.

To some extent, what kind of position the people are placed at reflects the quality of a country's modernization. In fact, it is also a common question which all countries in the world must answer in the process of modernization.

The deepening of the people-oriented concept also represents a positive response to modern risks. At the critical period of reform and development, China sees the overlapping of democratization, information technology, and globalization waves. Only by realizing "development for the people" with full respect for the principal position of the people can we achieve "development by the people" where the mighty creative force of the people can be fully mobilized and any development imbalance, unfair distribution, or risk of corruption during the dramatic transformation can be avoided.

A decade of unremitting efforts by 1.3 billion Chinese people under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the journey of life of each of the countless individuals, converge into a country's masterwork, opening up a new spectacle on the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics. This road is a road leading to the rejuvenation of the nation, a road jointly built by 1.3 billion people, and a road to be expounded further on the Party's 18th Congress convened today.

Read the Chinese version: 转变,中国道路的历史性跨越(下), source: People's Daily, author: Ren Zhongping

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Por Richmon at 2012-11-11180.192.55.*
Wealth without quality of life is worthless. The Philippinesis oor but the people are happy, friendly and loving. Children are seen playing on every cornr.
aziz at 2012-11-09195.191.66.*
I am glad to see that clear correct and strong ideas does exixst in china with regard to fighting corruption and furthur polarisation.

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