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Married couples bemoan their 'singles' lives

(Shanghai Daily)

14:54, November 11, 2012


Today is "Singles Day" in China, marked by events aimed at China's millions of unattached men and women eager to end their singleton status.

But the November 11 festival - the four ones in the date resemble four "bare sticks," which means unattached in Chinese - is a bitterly ironic time for many Chinese. For while they are married, economic circumstances mean they must live apart from their loved ones.

IT company worker Chen Zhengming, 27, married his college sweetheart Liu Hui last year, but the young couple don't share a home.

Both live in Beijing, but Chen rents an apartment with three colleagues, while his wife lives in a dorm provided by her company. The couple see it as a way to save for buying a home.

"Our combined monthly salaries are 8,000 yuan (US$1,280) and we spend about 3,000 yuan on necessities and wire money home. We can't afford to rent an apartment if we want to buy our own home," Liu explained.

Chen admits the situation presents difficulties.

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