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China, a force influencing the world

(People's Daily Online)

08:37, November 09, 2012

Ten years ago, it was time-consuming to apply for a private passport due to the cumbersome procedure. While today, applying for an electric passport with self-service clearance function only takes less than five days. In 2011, China's outbound tourists flow exceeded 70 million, surpassing the United States in scale.

The great change in the past ten years is not only a process for an increasing number of ordinary Chinese people to step out of the country and have a look at the whole world, but also a testimony to the continuous growth of a large developing country and its international influence. Facing the ever-changing international situation, China has always been holding the banner of peace, development and cooperation on its road of development and has become an important participant, builder and contributor of the international system.

By putting forward and promoting the idea of “building a harmonious world,” China has shown its determination to break the old pattern that a major power was bound to seek hegemony, as well as its sincerity, belief, and ability in handling international affairs.

Such ridiculous theories as the “China threat” theory, “China responsibility” theory, and “China collapse” theory have emerged one by one along with China’s rise, which reflects the fierce international competition and the Asian country’s growing influence. Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez said that China’s example shows that seeking hegemony is not the precondition for a country’s rise. China has never invaded other countries, and has presented an image as a major power open to the world. Chávez’s remarks are the epitome of the widespread approval of the idea of “building a harmonious world” among developing countries.

China is undisputedly an importance force in promoting multi-polarization. The country will make greater contributions to human civilization as long as it shows no fear of outside interference, adheres to its own development path, and do its own things well. This is China’s solemn commitment to the world.

Read the Chinese version: 影响世界的中国力量
, source: People's Daily, author: Li Qiang

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petgofish at 2012-11-13220.255.1.*
Egypt"s Pyramid could be likened to CPC"s 90+ years of dugout democracy by the past and present leaders of China which has struck the Anti-Coprruption Bell in the 18th Congress. Many nations might have heard, but it(Anti-Corruption Bell) might it be inborn and may need the most populated Nation like China to keep it at bay.May Shangdi Bless CPC !
Sun Tze at 2012-11-11180.192.55.*
Influencing is ok, but there are those who want china to control the world. Their thinking must be correted. And those that want China to control the world must be marginalized. Those who wnt China to conquere the world must be rid of.

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