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Boys’ Day celebrated in Tsinghua University

(People's Daily Online)

17:12, November 14, 2012

(Beijing News/Wang Zhengxian)

Nov. 12 was the “Tsinghua University Boys’ Day.” The girls in the university hanged out dozens of interesting banners on campus to celebrate the festival for their male classmates and please them by giving rings and snacks and singing love songs, which was welcomed by these boys.

It is said that the “Tsinghua University Boys’ Day” began in 2002 and has been celebrated for 10 times.

Funny banners praise boys of Tsinghua University

On the afternoon of Nov. 12, dozens of banners for Tsinghua University boys, such as “feel happy to marry boys majoring in accounting as they are good at cleaning, washing and cooking” and “I am in your lens and you are in my mind,” were hanged at roads, Bauhinia apartment and other places, creating a festive atmosphere on the campus.

In the vicinity of the Bauhinia apartment, several girls were hanging a banner reading “holding your hand to dance with you” with a signature of “Ballroom Dance team girls.”

A junior girl said that she is a member of the school’s art troupe and she hopes to celebrate the festival for boys of the art troupe by hanging banners.

Boys feel flattered

When Yang Yuan, a 19-year-old freshman majoring in computer science and technology and his roommates stayed at their dormitory on the afternoon of Nov. 12, three girls burst into their dormitory to wear him the ring and give mandarin orange drinks and other food. They also gave him a pair of gloves and told him, “Being a single is not good so you must find a girlfriend as soon as possible.”

Feeling the enthusiasm of classmate girls, Yang felt not very accustomed to the transformation of his role from an ordinary boy to a favorite.

Yang’s 26 male classmates also received rings, food, gloves and blessings from the three girls.

A girl surnamed Du said that there are a total of 29 students in their class, but only three are girls. The three girls are often cared by their male classmates so they want to care for them on the Boys’ Day. Two weeks ago, they folded over 200 paper cranes and hanged them in front of the boys’ dormitories, meanwhile sending breakfast, rings, gloves and food to please them.

Many girls in Tsinghua University chose to celebrate the festival for boys by giving gifts, singing love songs and holding parties on Nov. 12.

Tsinghua University boys said that they will give a surprise to the girls at the Girls’ Day on March 7 in return.

Content of some banners:

“When the Boys’ Day has passed, can Valentine’s Day be far behind?”

“When I asked Yuan Fang where handsome boys are, he pointed to the west main building of Tsinghua University.”

“Regardless of the proportion of boys and girls in Tsinghua University, you are the only one in our hearts.”

“The most romantic thing in the world is to watch people moving bricks with you - from girls of department of civil engineering, construction and management.”

Source:Beijing News

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