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Red Cross to increase transparency over donation boxes

(Global Times)

16:11, November 15, 2012

A donation box from Beijing Red Cross is installed in the Wu Mart supermarket in Gucheng, Shijingshan district. Photo: Li Hao/GT

Beijing Red Cross has announced it will allow the amounts given to its donation boxes to be publicly scrutinized from next year.

This comes after media reports that donations have slowed to the organization, following several public scandals that hit the organization last year.

Sun Ye, from the relief aid department of the Beijing branch of the Red Cross Society of China, told the Global Times Wednesday that it hopes to make its street donations more transparent.

"We have now 438 donation boxes in Beijing. Each box will be checked separately, and the cash content of every box will be also posted on our website for public supervision," said Sun.

The boxes are found in many public places in Beijing, including at the airport, railway stations, hotels and supermarkets. According to Sun, three parties will participate in collecting the money to ensure transparency.

"Every donation box has two keys, and can only be opened when both keys are used. Beijing Red Cross has one key and the responsible department or enterprise, where the box was installed, keeps another. Bank staff help open the box, and then the money is sealed immediately and sent directly to the bank for counting," said Sun.

When the money has been tallied, a bank statement will be delivered to the Red Cross and posted online.

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