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Elderly man rejected by son

By Cao Yin (

09:02, November 15, 2012

An elderly man had to go back to his hometown after he wasn't allowed in his son's home on Monday night in Nanjing, the capital of East China's Jiangsu province, according to a Modern Express report.

The old man surnamed Zhang traveled to Nanjing to see his youngest son from Central China's Hubei province, but the young man refused to take his father home after picking him up at Pukou station, the report said.

Zhang, who is in his 60s and was wearing dirty jeans and a jacket, was crying and carrying shabby bags on the street when a policeman found him at a bus station, the report said.

Zhang told the paper that his son didn't want to take him home when he saw his dirty clothes, and that they only had dinner in a restaurant.

Zhang said that he just wanted to see his son, who graduated from a university in Nanjing and married, and his grandson.

The son asked the policeman to take the man back to his hometown.

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