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Why 'Diaosi' gets so popular in China

(People's Daily Online)

08:45, November 14, 2012


The word "Diaosi" was originally coarse language but has now become a buzzword and cultural phenomenon among the youth. It is no longer just a word referring to a specific group of young men with humble background, filled with entanglement, and facing reality helplessly, but is now filled with rich connotation. Young people may call themselves "Diaosi" in a self-deprecating manner to distinguish themselves from the "tall, rich and handsome", "white, rich and pretty" groups; or use the word to diminish others; or use it for fun ... "Diaosi" has become a fashionable, unique cultural phenomenon in vogue among the youth.

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The formation of "Diaosi" pop culture is inextricably linked to the characteristics of the Internet. Network popularity is featured by constantly copying, accompanied by the reworking function. For young people, the simplicity of network copying as well as the reworking during the copying process make more and more passive audience and bystanders become direct participants and practitioners of "Diaosi" pop culture. It is in such a constant copying and reworking process that "Diaosi" becomes a popular cultural phenomenon.

The formation of "Diaosi" pop culture is also a reflection of the youth complex. Such culture reveals the same presentational features as traditional youth pop culture – emotional leakage, self-publicity, pursuit of fashion, and internal entertainment. In fact, any kind of youth pop culture alike conveys the voice and calling of youth, the meditation and contradictions of a specific life stage, and a type of youth-specific cognition and emotion.

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