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Suzhou embroidery keeps ancient needle art alive


15:23, November 15, 2012

Suzhou embroidery is world renowned for its exquisite, elegant,
clear and beautiful artistic style.(

During the Spring and Autumn Period some 2,500 years ago, people from Wu State applied embroidery to clothes, and thus began the origin of Suzhou-style embroidery. Suzhou embroidery is world renowned for its exquisite, elegant, clear and beautiful artistic style.

The Suzhou Embroidery Museum was established in 1986 and was originally in the Fishing Master’s Garden. In 1988, the museum was moved to Wang Ao’s Ancestral Temple at No.262, Jingde Road.

Emperor Qianlong’s imperial robe is one of the most precious items at the museum, boasting 42 dragon stripes, all embroidered with gold threads. The dragon stripes are intermingled with colorful cloud patterns, all in perfect harmony.

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