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Can marriage insurance protect a marriage?

(CRI Online)

16:13, November 14, 2012

China's Sunshine Insurance Group recently introduced a new marriage insurance called "love you forever" aimed at protecting the rights of wives in divorce, China Youth Daily reports.

According to the company, the insurer must be the husband and the wife will receive 60, 80 or 100 percent of the interest.

The husband can also invest in a "love fund" and transfer the premium five years later to a special interest bearing account. From then on, wife can use the money at any time. Fifty years after being insured, the wife will receive a payoff from the company to celebrate the golden wedding.
For example, if husband buys a 500,000 yuan policy, at the 50th anniversary, his wife will get 4 million yuan from the account.

Some online users have said they believe the idea is meant to reduce the chance of a husband having an extramarital affair. Some criticize the stipulation that the wife benefits because sometimes wives are responsible for divorces.

Sunshine Insurance Group said that women are still a vulnerable group in society as well as in marriage, so this was a way of protecting women's rights.

Hao Yansu, dean of the Insurance Institute of the Central University of Finance and Economics, expressed his worries about marriage insurance, pointing out that some couples might choose to divorce in order to qualify to buy a home, then remarry and have two homes. He said in this case it would also be possible for the wife to collect the insurance payoff and then remarry her ex-husband.

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