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Marry Mr. Rich or Mr. Right?

(People's Daily Online)

16:02, October 29, 2012

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A recent survey on the values of female students from 10 universities in Guangzhou conducted by several government agencies in the city shows that nearly 60 percent of respondents want to marry the “Rich Second Generation,” or children of rich people, because it can save them many years of personal struggle.

The survey in Guangzhou is just an example. An earlier survey of female university students in Nanjing also found that most girls want to marry a rich man, and money weighs heavier than good character in their eyes. In order to “struggle less” or “not struggle at all,” certain female students have chosen to marry a rich man, reflecting their desire to reap without sowing and “spiritual degeneration.” However, due to value pluralism, they do have the freedom to choose their own destinies, or to marry a rich man in this case, as long as they do not break the law.

Marrying a rich man does not necessarily mean monetizing love. There are both playboys and loyal men in the “Affluent Second Generation.” Love without money is not necessarily true love, and love with money is not necessarily fake love. The real question lies in whether the criteria for good marriages should contain money and good character, or just money. According to mainstream values, true love is a precondition for good marriages. If a girl just wanted to marry a rich man regardless of his character or true feelings, her “good marriage” would just be self-deception. Such a marriage is the “hell of soul,” way worse than the “tomb of love.”

Read the Chinese version: 多数女生愿嫁有钱人,怎样才算“嫁得好”

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