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Shoot that poison arrow, Valentine's Day is soon upon

By Ewa Manthey  (Global Times)

14:59, February 05, 2013

(GT Photo)

Like it or not, Valentine's Day is once again soon upon us. And just because you are single, it doesn't mean that you have to miss out on the Valentine's Day fun.

Don't have a date for the big occasion? Then check one of the following events where you can celebrate if you are single, but are ready to mingle.

No more lonely nights

To celebrate Valentine's Day this February 14, Glamour Bar (5 Zhongshandongyi Road, 6350-9988) is throwing a Not-Just-A-One-Night Stand party starting from 6 pm. The evening will include nibbles, drinks and speed-dating games. For "romantic doubles" the Valentine's Day menu contains a "one night stand" of canapés with two cocktails for 288 yuan ($46.22) or a "one night stand" with canapés and a half-bottle of champagne for 488 yuan. "Glamorous singles" pay just 98 yuan and that includes the speed-dating games, a drink and nibbles.

Wherefore art thou?

Virgo Club (505 Zhongshan Road South, 6152-6542) is hosting a Seeking Romeo party on Valentine's Day at which all the single ladies and single men will get the chance to find their soul mate that evening. To be part of the night, men need to send an email to [email protected] with information including their name, age, nationality and their picture. At the end of the evening, three couples will win a romantic dinner at an Italian restaurant. The party starts at 9:30 pm and will go on until 3 am, according to organizers. All ladies will get free Western-style canapés, Italian pizza, desserts and selected cocktails.

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