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Canada Post unveils Year of the Water Snake stamps

By Phoebe Ho (Xinhua)

10:40, January 09, 2013


TORONTO, Jan. 8 (Xinhua) -- Canada Post ushered in the Chinese Lunar New Year with their highly anticipated Year of the Water Snake stamps on Tuesday in the Canadian city of Toronto.

The national carrier unveiled the designs for the duo stamp issue at a ceremony, giving collectors both a chance to stock up, and meet the designers, Joe Gault and Avi Dunkelman.

The new stamps are the fifth pair in Canada Post's second Chinese Lunar New Year series. Canada Post's general manager of consumer product management Alice Lafferty said the long-standing tradition is their way of ringing in the new year and celebrating the diverse cultures within the community.

"Lunar New Year is one of our most popular stamp issues and it 's very important for Canadians. At Canada Post, we really want to celebrate all of those events that Canadians are celebrating," she said. "It's part of our diversity and part of our culture."

With 5.5 million domestic rate stamps and 2.25 million international rate stamps issued, Lafferty said there'll be nearly 8 million stamps in the market for collectors to snatch up. Besides the stamps, there will also be 455,000 souvenir sheets, postcards, uncut sheets and framed collectibles bearing this year' s designs.

The latest issue combined complex techniques and luxurious designs to portray both the essence of the snake and beliefs of the Chinese people. On the domestic issue, a red snake is seen gliding on water, while on the international issue, there's a yellow and jade green snake coiled into a figure eight, an auspicious number in the Chinese culture.

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