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Film on expats enjoying World Party

(Shanghai Daily)

08:34, December 04, 2012

The light-hearted animation "Party of the World" is about five expats from five countries and one Shanghai local living in one apartment in the city and how they learn and adapt.

Producer Eno Jin says it's also about how the city welcomes diversity and embraces different cultures; it's a fun introduction to the city.

The animation is the first of a series, he says, introducing how the characters came to Shanghai, started a life and eventually became fond of the city.

"My idea was to have the six people telling about six different aspects of Shanghai, like transportation, food, lifestyle, work and more."

The five expats are from America, France, Germany, South Korea and the UK.

Jin is the senior creative assistant to the chief creative officer for China at Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Shanghai. He has created two other short animations online: "10 Minutes and You Know About China" and "10 Minutes and You Know About Shanghai." He calls them more like journal about facts and features.

In his latest film, the characters have different personalities and enjoy different pastimes. French architect Pierre likes to hang out with friends and go to parties. American student Barbra loves sports.

The film concludes with the line, "With a booming city and a rich history mixed in with so many different cultures, Shanghai is truly a World Party."

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