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Expats to mark fest with donation

By Hu Min (Shanghai Daily)

09:07, October 16, 2012

MORE than 20 expats living in the city will on Saturday give a donation to a charity program that trains senior care workers to mark Chongyang Festival, or Double Ninth Festival, that falls on October 23, the ninth day of the ninth lunar month this year, the Shanghai Charity Foundation said yesterday.

The donation amounts to 250,000 yuan (US$40,322) and the money will be used to train some 600 senior care staff in the city. Half of the donation is from individuals and the other half from foreign-funded enterprises and banks, the organizer said.

Most of those who will be trained are migrant workers. The training program started in 2008 with a total investment of 1.25 million yuan. Nearly 3,000 people have received the training and some 1 million people have benefited.

The donation money was raised by a United States-based international service club by hosting a golf tournament last month.

"The city suffers a shortage of professional senior care workers, and the program aims to provide some help in this regard," Xia Yongfang, SCF general secretary, said.

The expats come from various countries, including the US, Canada, Germany, India and the Netherlands.

Tobi Kars from Holland, who has been living in the city for almost 10 years, donated 5,000 yuan to the program.

One of the biggest problems facing Shanghai is people are getting older, and the program is good for both migrant workers, seniors and their families, he said.

"We wanted to do something for the city and the program brings people together," Kars revealed.


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