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Overseas returnees under tremendous pressure

(People's Daily Online)

15:45, November 27, 2012

(Life Times/Tang Chuncheng)

According to a survey, the number of Chinese overseas students is the largest in the world, and over 70 percent of them choose to return to China. Recently, the "Survey Report on Employment Pressure of Overseas Returnees in 2012" shows that nearly 37 percent of returnees earn an annual salary of less than 40,000 yuan at their first job and 67 percent earn less than 60,000 yuan. Low salary and other problems have increased pressure on them.

The data show that the number of Chinese overseas students reached 340,000 in 2011, 90 percent of which are self-paying students, so studying abroad has become a "mass education" instead of "elite education". In addition, the age of students studying abroad tends to be lower, and more and more undergraduates and high school students choose to study abroad.

Lin Yonghe, director of Psychological Quality Education Center of Beijing Colleges and Universities, said that there was a significant difference between people going abroad now and in the past.

People going abroad were mostly excellent in the past. Now, Chinese overseas students are roughly divided into three categories. The first category includes those who learn something abroad and return home with ambition. The second category is those who study abroad under pressure of their parents. Most of them are children of the rich or the dignitaries, and they probably learn nothing useful. The third category includes those who think that foreign countries are better than China and want to learn new culture and concepts.

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Source: Life Times, author: Jiang Dahong, Cao Yang.

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