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Defending champions Beijing shocked at home by Shandong in CBA semifinals


10:24, March 11, 2013

BEIJING, March 10 (Xinhua) --- Defending champions Beijing Ducks suffered a shock 108-92 loss at home to Shandong Gold in Game 1 of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) league semifinals here on Sunday.

Shandong's three foreign players caused much trouble for the home side. Zaid Abbass, who played for Beijing in 2010-2011 season, contributed 30 points and 19 rebounds. Pooh Jeter and Jackson Vroman finished with 30 points and 17 points respectively.

Shandong heated up quicker for this game as they built up a 14-7 lead with Abbass contributing the first 10 points.

Jeter then made several fast breaks to set up a double-digit advantage for Shandong, but the Ducks narrowed the deficit through Randolph Morris, who finished consecutive jumpers around the free throw line.

The turning point of this game came in the third period after Shandong's three foreign players appeared on the court. Under their tough defense, former NBA star Stephon Marbury committed several turnovers in a row as Shandong extended their lead. ' Marbury began to find the basket with three straight 3-pointers in the fourth period but it was too late.

"We lost concentration and intensity in our defense tonight, and the opponents got many opportunities for open shots, which we must try to reduce in the future," said Marbury, who scored 28 points and had 10 assists.

Elsewhere, regular season titleholder Guangdong Hongyuan renewed their rivalry with Xinjiang Guanghui in playoffs. Thanks to four players' double-figure scoring, Guangdong won the road game, 86-76.

Donald Sloan had 21 points, six rebounds and five assists. Yi Jinalian helped with 14 points and 18 rebounds. Guangdong took a 20-6 run in the second quarter to build a 38-31 lead after the first half and never fell down.

The next two games will be played in Guangdong's home next Wednesday and Friday.

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