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Fake 3D triggers resentment


09:52, March 08, 2013

Many people attribute the staggering box office of "Journey to the West" to the film's 3D format screening. But it was not shot using 3D cameras, so some film-goers are calling this kind of film "fake 3D".

On the cinema board, "Journey to the West" doesn't have a 2D format, so the audience has to watch it in 3D. That means an extra 30 yuan. Many say that's what driving the one billion box office. They also complain about Journey's 3D experience. It's not as good as films shot using 3D cameras, like "Avatar" or "Life of Pi".

A bunch of 2D Chinese films have been screened in 3D format since 2012, as a shortcut to a big box office. Industry insiders warn this could turn viewers off and keep them away.

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