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'House Sister' arrested in fake ID scandal


10:16, March 09, 2013

XI'AN, March 9 (Xinhua) -- Authorities have approved the arrest of a woman who allegedly used fake IDs to acquire multiple properties, local authorities said Saturday.

On Friday, the Shenmu County People's Procuratorate in northwestern Shaanxi Province formally approved the arrest of Gong Aiai, former deputy head of the Shenmu County Rural Commercial Bank, in Yulin City.

It has been confirmed that Gong possessed four hukou IDs, a household registration record unique to each Chinese citizen.

The three fake ones, two registered in Shaanxi Province and the other in Beijing, have been revoked.

In January, online whistleblowers revealed that Gong, who later became known as "House Sister" among the public, had more than 20 properties worth an estimated 1 billion yuan (159.4 million U.S. dollars) in Beijing under the names Gong Aiai and Gong Xianxia.

Beijing police later confirmed Gong owned 41 properties in the city, totalling 9,666.6 square meters.

She was later found to have acquired properties in other areas, including Shenmu.

Investigations found that Gong was a contracted bank employee, but not a civil servant. She tendered her resignation as deputy head of the bank in June 2012, and the board approved her resignation request on Jan. 2, 2013.

A further investigation is underway.

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