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Beijing workers encouraged to take paid leave


16:56, March 08, 2013

Workers in Beijing are being encouraged to take paid leave in a bid to promote tourism, a panel discussion at the National People's Congress heard Thursday.

Duan Qiang, a NPC deputy advised that government and party departments should take the lead in implementing the National Outline for Tourism and Leisure Development (2013-2020), released by the General Office of the State Council, requiring a paid vacation system in place nationwide by 2020, which will further spur growth in the leisure sectors.

Currently, workers with more than one year's continuous service have the right to paid vacations according to the 1994 Labor Law, but it is rarely taken. Chinese research center statistics shows only 30 percent of workers take annual paid leave.

The report encourages flexible vacation arrangements for workers as well as the development of tourism services including the construction of parks and hotels, and the improvement of public transportation and tourism centers.

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