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PLA deputies to NPC discuss requirement of "being capable of fighting and winning battles"

By Liang Pengfei (China Military Online)

08:26, March 11, 2013

The deputies of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) to the First Session of the 12th National People's Congress (NPC) held heated discussions in the past few days centering on the subjects of the mission and tasks of the armed forces and the construction of military capabilities when they are deliberating the report on the work of the government. They spoke out their common mind: Bear in mind the key point of being capable of fighting and winning battles, engage in the construction and preparation in accordance with the standards of fighting, ensure that our armed forces will always be ready when called upon, be able to fight on arrival and be capable of winning battles, resolutely safeguard state sovereignty, security and territorial integrity, and protect the peaceful development of the country.

To fight and win battles is the special ability of the Chinese military

"Being able to fight and win battles is the special ability of the Chinese military," said Mo Junpeng, PLA deputy to the NPC and commander of a base under the Second Artillery Force (SAF) of the PLA, when speaking of the goal of the military construction. "Our military construction is currently facing an unprecedented historical opportunity with various rigorous challenges existing at the same time. Since the situation is so pressing, it is necessary to build up the armed forces in accordance with the high standards of fighting."

Mo Junpeng continued, "For 80-odd years since the founding of the PLA, the fundamental function of the combat force of the Chinese military has never changed. Thus, we must adhere to the great tradition of fighting for victory."

Only the ability to fight and win battles can keep war at bay

"A military is either being in the fighting or being prepared for fighting. There is no third state," said Liang Xiaojing, PLA deputy to the NPC and political commissar of a PLA troop unit.

"Wars are always self-invited," said Tan Weihong, PLA deputy to the NPC and commander of the "First Brigade of Conventional Guided Missile", during an interview with reporter. Only by keeping in the state of combat readiness like an arrow fitted to the string and ready to shoot, being able to fight and win battles, can we keep war at bay.

The ability to fight and win battles requires strict adherence to standards of combat power

China is still in an important period of strategic opportunities with great potentiality to accomplish a lot. The complicated security situation that China is faced with demands a major development in the modernization of national defense and armed forces. A military capable of fighting and winning battles is what the people expect, and where the morale of the troops lies.

To fight a war, it needs the courage of confronting the tough with toughness. The rule of the battleground is very simple. It can be summed up in four words: Survival of the fittest. Without the ability to fight and win, everything will come to naught.

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