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GSK sends three top executives to China


15:02, July 23, 2013

GlaxoSmithKline has sent three top executives to China to deal with a storm arising from corruption allegations in the pharmaceutocal giant.

Chief Executive Andrew Witty dispatched the company’s President of Emerging Markets Abbas Hussain, along with the group’s Global Head of Internal Audit and a senior legal official.

All three have now arrived in China to cooperate with Chinese authorities, trying to get to the bottom of a scandal that has shaken confidence in GSK’s internal procedures. The drugmaker has also hired auditors Ernst & Young to carry out an independent review of its systems in China, another resource said.

On July 15, Chinese police charged GSK for bribing officials and doctors to boost sales and raise the price of its medicines in China. GSK said it was deeply concerned by the allegations, which it called "shameful".

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haroon@interconnect-part at 2013-07-24119.155.2.*
The admittance of GSK officials of irregulariy with one word "shameful". Is enough.This "shameful" act of cross border multi-national pharmaceuticals is eye opener to many countries with even worse situation than in China about price increase. Incentives, perks, promotions, BTL, and marketing to the max. is normal in the pharma industry. Doctors travel to overseas destinations on vacations, on the pretext of conference.What is more important the developing world wanted to follow the Chinese model for the price reduction in the prices of drugs in respective markets. Pakistan's National Database Registration Authority, Government of Pakistan should give access for foreign travel of doctors sponsored by Pharma, duration, hotel, and other perks. Blessings of 180 million in Pakistan only to follow the precedent set by the China pharmaceutical sector. China should lead the pharmaceutical sector of the SAARC region.

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