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Singing competition shows to be limited in amount

(CRI Online)

13:08, July 25, 2013

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China's broadcasting authority has decided to limit the total number of the pop music singing competition programs.

The spokesman of the State Administration of Radio Film and Television (SARFT) said on Wednesday that the SARFT will take measures to control the total amount of time allocated to the making and broadcasting of reality singing shows. It will also require satellite TV stations to televise the existing shows at different broadcast times.

According to the source, satellite TVs will not be allowed to produce new shows during this period. Shows which have been produced but not televised will have their broadcast postponed. As for those which have been televised, the shows' broadcast time should be readjusted to avoid the shows being on during the same time slot.

Reality TV singing shows became a hit in China in recent years since the "Super Girl" singing contest which was organized by Hunan TV 10 years ago and such shows such as Chinese Idol of Shanghai Dragon TV, the Voice of China of Zhejiang TV and Super Boy of Hunan TV, are broadcast in a blow-out style on China's TV channels this summer.

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