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Nutricia ships containers of milk powder to China: Dutch media


18:14, May 15, 2013

THE HAGUE, May 15 (Xinhua) -- Dutch babyfood producer Nutricia is shipping containers of milk powder to China while Dutch consumers and shops are facing enormous shortages, Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reported on Wednesday.

The newspaper intercepted bills of lading from Nutricia's milk powder deliveries to China showing that Nutricia has booked "at least 5 million euros (6.46 million U.S. dollars) more profit" than it would have done if the milk was sold in the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, Dutch supermarkets report that delivery problems are continuing. "They can't order Nutrilon products and orders which have been placed are not being met," a spokeswoman told the paper.

Nutricia has confirmed the shipments to China but told Xinhua recently that production for the Dutch market has been increased by "tens of percentage points."

Due to the excessive overseas demand, State Secretary for Economic Affairs Sharon Dijksma organized a meeting with milk producers, supermarkets and drug stores last week to discuss the issue.

She stated that she would do everything to stop the illegal export of milk powder, by setting up a special team that will track illegal traders.

Meanwhile, the two main producers Nutricia and Friso have set a maximum to the number of packages that could be purchased per customer. Producers have also increased the production in recent months, but it remains difficult to meet the demands, Nutricia earlier told Xinhua.

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