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Mainland, Taiwan could join hands to handle the Philippine shooting incident

(People's Daily Online)

19:00, May 14, 2013

Chinese mainland and Taiwan should use their advantages and strength to put pressure on the Philippines by sanctions in the fields of economy, trade and tourism.

Taiwanese fishing boat Kuang Ta Hsin 28 was shot by Filipino coast guard officers when doing traditional fishing work. One fisherman was killed and three were injured. A poll by Taiwanese media after the incident shows that about 70 percent interviewees hope Chinese mainland and Taiwan to join hands to cope with the Philippines if it cannot give a satisfied response.

If the Philippines refuses to make compensation for the incident, Chinese mainland and Taiwan can impose more pressure.

The Kuang Ta Hsin 28 fishing boat is not the only incident involving Taiwanese fishermen. The same kind of incident has happened in 2006, when the Philippines coast guards’ brutal shooting killed one Taiwanese fisherman and injured another. Similarly, fishermen of the mainland have been killed, detained and their hard-earned money been extorted frequently.
The Philippine coast guard has disregarded international laws and humanitarian by assaulting Chinese civilians. Some Philippine soldiers even joined the race to bully and harass Chinese people in order to get ransoms. If the two sides of the Straits can form a joint force, they will be able to suppress the arrogance of the Philippines.

After the Kuang Ta Hsin 28 fishing boat incident, Chinese foreign ministry and Taiwan authorities condemned the atrocities of the Philippine side. The Philippine authorities should not misjudge the situation; it has to apologize, punish those responsible for the incident and fully compensate the Taiwan compatriots.

Edited and translated by Ma Xi, People's Daily Online
Read the Chinese version: 菲枪击台湾渔民事件,两岸可联手应对
Source: Beijing News

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PD User at 2013-05-1766.87.130.*
Im Phillippino but please dont hate the people but hate the ones who are incharge of these nuckle head thug forces that are in control of the incident. They are the one that should bare responsibilities for their wrongful and unjust actions.
PD User at 2013-05-16129.253.54.*
Philippines appear to be a terrorist and prirate state at the same time.
rhoward at 2013-05-15192.0.159.*
Where"s your emphasis that unreasonable amount of force was used on an unarmed fishing boat? That a son has lost a father and grand children their grandfather. That their family has lost a hard-working and decent human being? Is it any wonder that the Chinese media continually lose so miserably to the Western press in information warfare.
Ferdinand at 2013-05-1599.244.187.*
We are all Chinese. We must stand together to fight the Philipino.

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