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270 tons of foreign milk powder substandard

(People's Daily Online)

14:50, October 18, 2012

In the latest list of substandard imported food announced by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China (GAQSIQ) last week, a total of 26 tons of "Ioland Super Gold Baby Formula" milk powder from New Zealand were returned due to iodine content under national standards.

The reporter counted the notification lists since the past 14 months and found that a total of 270 tons of substandard imported milk powder in 34 batches were destroyed or returned, including three-quarters of infant formula. More than half of the 34 batches of milk powder were imported from Australia and New Zealand, with 26 batches being infant formula, accounting for 76 percent of the total number.

Except not announcing the weight of "Nutrilon Older Infant Formula" imported from Germany, the remaining 25 batches of substandard imported baby formula milk powder weighed over 71 tons.

According to statistics, the 34 batches of milk powder below standard were imported from 20 manufacturers in eight countries and regions including Australia, New Zealand, Germany and the United States, which had been returned or destroyed by the quality supervision department in accordance with the law, so they were not sold in the Chinese market.

Dairy analyst at Beijing Orient Agribusiness Consultants Chen Lianfang told the reporter that except that the milk powder of Heinz, two German brands with a history of nearly 80 years, Bellamy's Organic of Australia and Candia of Danone Group are well-known, the remaining are mostly unfamiliar to people.

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