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PLA army's first female special operation company to premiere air jump

By Ni Guanghui and Tan Weiwei (People's Daily)

08:23, May 14, 2013

The picture shows a member of the female special operation company in parachute-landing training. (Photo by Yan Xingxing, People's Daily)

BEIJING, May 13, (ChinaMil) -- After more than a month of training, the 15 members from the first female special operation company of the Army of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLAA) will soon premiere their air jump in the parachute-landing exercise to be held in the hinterland of the Taihang Mountains.

Ever since joining the female special operation company, these female special operation members have conducted morning runs for 3,000 to 5,000 meters on daily basis. Most of their time was spent in professional trainings as well as a series of physical trainings, such as combat fighting, rock climbing, push-ups and so on.

In order to meet the needs of current tasks, the Beijing Military Area Command (MAC) of the PLA formally established a female special operation company on March 30, 2013. Compared with male special operation troops, the female special operation members can fully utilize their unique advantages in such special operation activities as intelligence collection, on-guard protection, arresting and so forth, forming an effective complement and increasing the comprehensive combat level of special operation force.

According to Li Shanshan, deputy political instructor of the company, all the members of the female special operation company were selected from various grass-roots troop units. More than 90% of the members have higher education than colleges. Among them, a large portion is undergraduate students. In the new recruit training course assessment in 2012, they all attained grades of excellence or above and have learned and mastered various skills, including automatic rifle shooting, tactical basic movements, martial arts, combat fighting and so on.

According to Company Commander Yang Hongkai, the female special operation members have to go through the three phases of basic physical training, skill training and special skill training, master small firearm shooting and special driving techniques for motorcycles and assault vehicles, and have multiple special operation skills, such as parachuting, sliding down, catching-and-grappling and capturing before they can be qualified as special operation servicewomen. In the future, the female special operation company will be forged as a special operation force having multiple skills of reconnaissance, security check, special raid, emergency response and others simultaneously.

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