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7 killed, over 7000 affected by cyclone in Sri Lanka


18:13, May 15, 2013

COLOMBO, May 15 (Xinhua) -- At least seven people have been killed by stormy weather that has also affected over 7000 people in Sri Lanka, authorities said here on Wednesday, as relief programs continued despite an improvement in the weather.

At least ten people have also been injured and three are missing after storm "Mahasen", named after an ancient Sri Lankan king, lashed the eastern and southern coasts of the island.

An estimated 7,400 people from 1,948 families have also been affected by the floods, Disaster Management Center (DMC) spokesman Sarath Lal Kumara told media.

"Most affected people have sought relief at 34 camps around the country. We have so far had reports of 98 houses that have been completely destroyed while 864 houses that been partially damaged, " he said.

Landslide warnings have also been issued to eight districts following heavy showers for over two days.

Motorists and pedestrians were also severely inconvenienced due to flooded roads.

The country's Metrological Department has noted that the storm is showing signs of moving away from Sri Lanka.

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