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Studio interview: China's massive urbanisation drive


08:40, March 07, 2013

Let’s get back to our panel - Don , Thomson Reuters, Alberto, Mandarin Capital, and professor Huo from Peking University.We have been talking about some of the macro issues,let's drill down to some of the issues that are close to people's heart, that is income, that is the welfare system, that is housing.

Q1: We have a sina-weibo follower from Chongqing, he raised a brilliant question: whether the 7.5 percent targeted GDP growth rate, which is the same with last year, means this year’s job market conditions, especially for new graduates, would be less better than the previous year?

Q2: In Europe the unemployment is very high right now. Do you think China should worry about the job market condition here now?

Q3: Property prices, huge topic.

Q4: The property price is impossible for young couples to afford. Should they get used to that?

Q5: Income gap.

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