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China's 10 most polluted cities subject of new CDC study


08:53, March 06, 2013

Key word: research of PM2.5

The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced plans to invest up to 60 million yuan ($9.6 million) on a three-year study to evaluate the general health of those living in China's top 10 most polluted cities in order to design an early warning system for the public.

Researchers will measure outdoor and indoor levels of PM2.5, or airborne pollutants measuring 2.5 microns or less, as well as survey the health of those exposed to different concentrations of PM2.5 for different durations, CDC director Wang Yu revealed to the Beijing Times on March 3. According to Wang, no such study has been conducted to date.

Chinese media provided suggestions for the coming research, while some netizens cast doubt on the practicality and value of the study.

Liu Guoqiang, professor of Sichuan International Studies University expressed his support for the study, adding that public decision-making increasingly depends on factors such as technology and research, according to Guangzhou Daily.

"I believe professional research is the basis of decision-making process for the government when dealing with issues of public interest, and scientific research can significantly improve policy," Liu noted.

However performance reports of officials will be an obstacle in fighting air pollution, read an article in the Southern Metropolis Daily.

"The current work performance assessment system focuses on economic growth and not environmental protection. We should change this in order to push local officials to pay more attention to the environment," read the article.

The Yanzhao Metropolis Daily based in Hebei Province suggested establishing a system that awards ecological-minded initiatives with financial subsidies and other rewards.

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