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Realizing the 'China Dream'

By Peng Yining (China Daily)

08:19, March 05, 2013

Ding Yuanzhu, deputy head of the Policy Advisory Department at the Chinese Academy of Governance

The term: "China Dream" reminds me of the "American Dream", and the famous "I Have a Dream", speech delivered by Martin Luther King. But the China Dream has a specific meaning, compared with the other two.

It includes the renewal of the Chinese nation and the aspirations of the Chinese people for a good standard of living. Great renewal can't be achieved without accomplishing the people's dream, and the people's dream can't come true without a stronger nation.

I have a friend who spent all his savings on an apartment and thought he was closer to the typical dream of the Chinese people; a good job, property and a happy family. But later, his life was disturbed by the high level of crime in his community: Without a harmonious environment, individuals are unable to manage on their own.

Of course, we still have a lot of work to do to achieve the China Dream. We have a lot to do in terms of a cleaner environment, better food safety, education and healthcare. Chinese people used to think that economic growth would solve all their problems, but now we realize that the renewal of our nation will require much more than just money.

Guo Fenghai, professor of Marxism studies at the PLA National Defense University

A nation without a dream is a nation without hope. Having a dream brings people the motivation to work hard, accept challenges and promote change.

The China Dream is the people's dream. To make it come true, we have to know what people want and what they need. As Xi Jinping said in his first public speech after the 18th Party Congress, the Chinese people want better education, stable jobs, higher incomes, greater social security, better medical and healthcare, improved housing conditions and better environmental quality.

The government should always be service-oriented. People will only act responsibly for the country and help to achieve the national dream when their dreams are realized, too. You cannot ask individuals to make sacrifices for the nation if they receive nothing in return.

Moreover, the great renewal of the Chinese nation doesn't mean China seeking hegemony. Harmony and a respect for diversity are deeply rooted in traditional Chinese ideology. In international affairs, China will continue to oppose hegemonism and power politics, and promote global peace and stability.

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