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PLA to hold serial military exercises in 2013

By Liu Feng'an (China Military Online)

08:52, February 28, 2013

The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) will hold a series of military exercises and drills in 2013, conducting all-round and multi-field military trainings, exploration and practices in order to enhance the PLA's deterrence power and actual combat ability under information-based conditions, strengthen the mental preparation for fighting, well prepare for fighting and improve capability of winning battles, for which all the officers and men should be highly alert like an arrow on the bowstring ready to shoot, according to the Military Training Department of the General Staff Headquarters (GSH) of the PLA on February 26, 2013.

According to a leader from the Military Training Department under the GSH, the PLA will highlight national core security-related interests, center around combat missions, battle opponents and operational environment, enhance verification confrontation exercises, strengthen actual-troop, real-equipment and live-ammunition military trainings, and increase the difficulty and intensity of trainings so as to improve the troops' capability in carrying out missions under complicated and difficult conditions.

According to the briefing, under the guidance of the general headquarters, the Shijiazhuang Army Command Academy and the Nanjing Army Command Academy together with related training bases will organize some division-level (or brigade-level) organs to command confrontation and actual-troop independent confrontation drills in 2013, direct the Navy and Air Force troop units to conduct joint sea-control confrontation drills, and direct Air Force and the Second Artillery Force (SAF) troop units to carry out air-defense anti-missile confrontation drills.

The related departments of the general headquarters, various military area commands, various services and arms and the People's Armed Police Force (APF) will launch military exercises and drills according to the annual training tasks. According to a officer in charge from the Military Training Department of the GSH, this year will see nearly 40 military exercises and drills organized by the GSH, the military area commands, the services and arms and the APF, covering subjects such as joint combat of the Army and the Air Force troops, actual-troop and live-ammunition confrontation exercises in the open sea, joint air-defense trainings of different services and arms and conventional missile fire assaults, featuring real-combat joint operation, systematic combat and confrontation drills.

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