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Rumors sweep singer's son's gang rape case

(CRI Online)

14:55, February 27, 2013

(File Photo)

Beijing police have denied rumors that 17-year-old Li Guanfeng, suspected of taking part in gang-raping a woman, has been released on bail, the "Beijing News" reports.

The suspect is the son of General Li Shuangjiang, a famous singer and military officer.

Several days ago, an unidentified person said via Sina Weibo Microblogging service that Li's family and others would give the victim a Beijing hukou (household registration), a house and a job if the victim drops a lawsuit and that the two sides have reached agreement.

Some people have also questioned Li Guanfeng's real age. One rumor said Li Shuangjiang's wife, Mengge (stage name, also a famous singer), was pregnant in 1990 so her son cannot be 17 years old.
However, police in Beijing's Haidian district say all the rumors are false.

The police said all five suspects, including Li Guanfeng, are in criminal detention now and they hadn't received any information that the victim's family and Li's have reached an agreement.

Regarding Li Guanfeng's age, an insider and acquaintance of Li Shuangjiang said Mengge was pregnant in 1995 and her son's age is real.

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