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Are you addicted to online shopping?

(People's Daily Online)

14:31, February 27, 2013

( Wei)

As a new way to shop, online shopping is attracting a growing number of consumers. While enjoying the convenience of online shopping, certain people have become addicted to it.

A survey shows that nearly 47 percent of respondents said that online shoppers mainly use non-cash payment methods, and tend to make impulse purchases. Over 32 percent said that certain stressed-out office workers take online shopping as a way to reduce pressure. Over 30 percent said that certain people lack recreation opportunities, so they take online shopping as their only recreation.

Why do many people go crazy with online shopping? According to the survey, 73 percent of respondents attributed it to lower prices, frequent promotions and discounts. Nearly 69 percent said that online shopping is easy and convenient, and can make people buy many things in a short period of time. Nearly 59 percent said that there are more types of goods, including novelties, and nearly 27 percent noted that many people click into e-commerce sites accidentally due to pervasive advertising on the Internet.

"People visit physical stores only when they have enough time, but they can shop online almost anytime, anywhere," said Mo Daiqing, director of the China E-Commerce Research Center's online retails department. Online shopping is more convenient than traditional shopping in terms of shopping and payment methods. Furthermore, pervasive advertisements on the Internet can attract extensive public attention to e-commerce sites. Even people who do not plan to make purchases may browse these sites after seeing related ads. In this process, they may find all kinds of novel and attractive products, and make impulse purchases. Frequent promotions and discounts on the Internet also encourage people to buy things they do not really need.

Nearly 45 percent suggest people seek healthy ways to reduce pressure

Online shopping addiction can cause many problems. According to the survey, over 77 percent of respondents believe that it makes people buy many things they do not need, leading to a waste of money; nearly 55 percent said that it affects people's normal social life. Nearly 53 percent noted that too much time and energy spent on online shopping can affect people's work and studies, and over 48 percent said that it will leave people feeling physically and emotionally exhausted, and affect their health.

Mo noted that online shopping is a general trend, and people should adjust their attitudes toward consumption in a timely fashion. "Do not become Internet shopaholics on impulse." In addition, she suggested online shopping enthusiasts develop new interests, participate in outdoor activities with friends, and choose healthy ways to reduce pressure.

Nearly 45 percent of respondents believe that people should seek more forms of recreation as well as healthy ways to reduce pressure. Over 27 percent suggested that people try not to be distracted by ads when surfing the Internet, and nearly 23 percent hope that people return to traditional shopping and cash payments.

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