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UK tech provider expects 30% revenue growth in China

By Wang Wen (

08:47, February 07, 2013

A UK provider of specialized technology for high performance systems and equipment e2v Technologies Plc expects to have 25- to 30-percent annual revenue growth in China in 2013.

The company earned $20 million in revenue from the Chinese market in 2012, said Paul Brown, e2v's Asian and Pacific president.

The Chinese market will make up about 10 percent of its global sales in 2013, he said.

"The growth is much faster than the mature markets, such as the US and Europe," he added.

The company has three divisions providing radio frequency power, high performance imaging and hi-reliability semiconductor solutions. Its productions are used in different industries, such as space imaging, firefighting, rescue and security thermal imagining as well as radiotherapy treatment and cargo screening.

Among its various products, the imaging productions used in the aerospace industry are the major growth driver in the Chinese market.

The company has provided imaging sensors to the China Academy of Space Technology, which is responsible for the development and manufacture of Chinese spacecraft, including scientific research satellites and application satellites.

"China developed very well in the aerospace area recently," Brown said.

In September 2011, China launched Temple One, the country's first target aircraft and space laboratory, followed by the launch of Shenzhou-9, one of the manned spacecrafts of China's Shenzhou program, in June 2012.

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