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Medical career losing appeal as top option (5)

By Wang Qingyun  (China Daily)

16:25, January 05, 2013

The Hunan Normal University survey, which polled 363 doctors in 19 hospitals in the province from July to September, found that 61 percent of doctors don't like their jobs.

"Some doctors I interviewed said that they used to love their career, but their sense of accomplishment has faded when medical disputes and violent cases in hospitals are reported frequently and patients become less trusting," said Tan Xin, a member of the team majoring in psychology.

Tan said the survey "overturned" her views about doctors, after seeing how their daily work goes.

"I used to be upset when doctors treated me coldly during a consultation, thinking it was unacceptable that I had to suffer their attitude. However, they were mentally stressed when they had only three minutes for each visiting patient, and it's impossible for them to answer all that a patient wants to know," she said.

"Yet a patient often wants to know more about his condition, and the cool attitudes and often cursory answers by doctors may well upset them."

This dissatisfaction among patients may in turn be vented out on doctors themselves, she added.

"I hope that the two sides can understand each other more," said Tan. "Doctors can smile more and be less cold, and patients can try to tolerate doctors because their work burden is really heavy."

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