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Family hope Mandela will recover steadily


14:36, June 25, 2013

JOHANNESBURG, June 24 (Xinhua) -- As former South African President Nelson Mandela's health deteriorated to "critical"condition, his family on Monday expressed hope that he will recover steadily.

Speaking at the official launch of Mandela School of Science and Technology (MSST) in the Mvezo village, the Eastern Cape Province, Mandela's grandson Mandla Mandela said he hoped the anti- apartheid icon "willl recover steadly."

"We are very greatful to the South Africans and the rest of global community for sending him and us massages of support and we are hoping that my grandfather will recover steadly," Mandla said during a live broadcast by the South African Broadcasting Corporation.

Mandela, 94, has been in hospital for a recurring lung problem since June 8.

"He is under very good care and supervision of capable doctors and nurses for whom we have been grateful for their effort in ensuring that my grandfather recovers," Mandla said.

On Sunday evening, President Jacob Zuma said Mandela's condition "has become critical" in the past 24 hours.

The doctors are doing everything possible to get his condition to improve and are ensuring that Mandela is well-looked after and is comfortable, Zuma said after visiting Mandela. "He is in good hands," he said.

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