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Venezuelan post-election violence leaves 9 dead, 78 injured: official


08:50, April 26, 2013

CARACAS, April 24 (Xinhua) -- Venezuelan Attorney General Luisa Ortega announced Wednesday that the violence in the wake of April 14's presidential elections has so far left nine people dead and 78 others injured.

In a press conference at the Public Ministry, Ortega introduced the investigation of violent events of April 15 and 16, which he said is initiated by the right-wing opposition after the opposition leader Henrique Capriles rejected the election results.

Protests erupted in parts of Caracas and other Venezuelan states after Nicolas Maduro was declared winner of the election on April 14. As Maduro only held a narrow lead, the opposition rejected the results and demanded a vote recount.

Ortega said the authorities will respect the rights of suspects arrested for their involvement in the incidents, referring to the complaints of alleged human rights violations

"All the people who were arrested, and those that remain in custody have been treated with the utmost respect that they deserve," he said as quoted by state news agency AVN.

The National Assembly on Wednesday also installed a special committee to investigate the violence promoted by the right.

The chairman of the committee of the Comptroller of the National Assembly, Pedro Carreno, announced that the special committee will investigate in detail the damage to people and public and private property after the election

The commission will seek to determine the responsibilities of the actions promoted by Capriles, who ordered his followers to protest against the election results, he said.

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