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Japan to hold Diet vote on BOJ chief on March 15


18:34, February 26, 2013

TOKYO, Feb. 26 (Xinhua) -- Japan's ruling parties, Liberal Democratic Party and New Komeito, agreed to hold a Diet election on March 15 to decide whether to approve the nomination of Asian Development Bank President Haruhiko Kuroda to be the next central bank governor.

Japanese government has tapped Haruhiko Kuroda, 68, to succeed Masaaki Shirakawa as the Bank of Japan's (BOJ) governor.

The government will submit its nominations for the new BOJ chief as well as two deputies this week. The candidate will have to be approved by both houses of parliament, including the upper house in which the ruling bloc does not have a majority.

The current Governor of Bank of Japan Masaaki Shirakawa had decided to resign on March 19, before his current term ends.

Shirakawa's current five-year term is to end on April 8, but he said he wants to step down together with his two deputies.

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