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Gas leak leaves strong odour over northwest France


16:06, January 23, 2013

PARIS, Jan. 22 (Xinhua) -- A gas leak at a chemical plant in Rouen, northwest France caused an acrid but "no-toxic" odour smelt hundreds of kilometers away in the capital Paris on Tuesday overnight, local media reported Tuesday.

In its report, the daily Le Figaro said the leak was happened at Lubrizol plant which makes industrial lubricants and paint, and the smelt gas was Mercaptan, which officials said did not cause any danger to the public.

"Currently the gas cloud from Normandie is perceptible in the Paris region ... This cloud ... will dissipate naturally by weather conditions," said Paris firefighters.

The Unpleasant gas odour that triggered Parisians's fears "should be resolved during the day," Pierre-Jean Payrouse, director of internal operations at Lubrizol France, was quotes by BFMTV news channel as saying.

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