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Zimbabwe President Mugabe reiterates call for peaceful elections


13:08, January 22, 2013

HARARE, Jan. 21 (Xinhua) -- President Robert Mugabe on Monday reiterated his call for Zimbabwe to hold peaceful elections this year.

He made the call while addressing mourners at the burial of Vice President John Nkomo who died of cancer last Thursday.

"Let's carry this exhortation of peace, carry with us this message to our parties so that we can honor him by holding elections that are peaceful," Mugabe said.

"We want peaceful elections and let us take advantage of the calm and peace, the oasis that we have now."

Nkomo also co-chaired the Organ for National Healing, Reconciliation and Integration formed by the inclusive government to foster peace and reconciliation in the nation after the 2008 violent elections.

Zimbabwe is expected to hold general elections this year to retire the inclusive government that was formed in 2009 by the parties of Mugabe, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and Deputy Premier Arthur Mutambara.

The Southern African Development Community brokered the power- sharing deal following inconclusive elections the previous year which were marred by political violence.

Mugabe has over the past year repeatedly urged the nation to shun political violence and strive for peaceful co-existence.

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