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Zimbabwean media group seeks more cooperation with China in new media development


08:33, August 08, 2012

HARARE, Aug. 7 (Xinhua) -- Zimbabwe's largest multimedia group Zimpapers said here on Tuesday that it is keen to intensify cooperation with its Chinese counterparts in the area of new media development, to better address the challenge of a worldwide newspaper sales decline.

Pikirayi Deketeke, editor-in-chief of the Zimbabwe Newspapers ( Zimpapers) Group, conveyed the message during a meeting with He Ping, editor-in-chief of China's Xinhua News Agency who is here on a four-day visit aimed at enhancing media relations between the two countries.

"We want to have concrete cooperation with Xinhua News Agency in developing skills of our people in new media. We want to share experience because it is now a worldwide phenomenon that newspaper sales are declining while new media is rising," Deketeke said.

He noted that Zimpapers has traveled a long way to transform from a pure print media with over 120 years of history to a modern multimedia organization.

Zimpapers looks forward to cooperating with Chinese partners in the field of broadcast media, as well as in personnel training and equipment upgrade.

For his part, He spoke highly of Zimpapers' ability to adapt to the changing times and provide high-standard multimedia services.

"I am very impressed by your innovative spirit, and I think we should learn from you," the Xinhua editor-in-chief said of Zimpapers' expansion over the years into the new areas of digital, mobile and electronic media.
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